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Why get a Jersey Time Photo Booth?

Jersey Time's Photo Booth's are super fun for : weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, holiday parties, quinceañeras, corporate events, birthday parties, fundraisers, etc. People of all ages and backgrounds love photo booths! 

​How does it work? The booth is very easy to use! Just get in, smile, and press buttons. The booth will take 4 shots approximately 7 seconds apart. Each photo will be displayed on a monitor inside the booth while they are being taken. The attendant will then hand the guest their strip and secure the other into a scrapbook if desired. 

Can I put a personal message on the strip? Of course! We can add a personalized logo or message to the top or bottom of each strip. 

Is there any limit on how many times guests can visit the photobooth? No. Every package allows for unlimited number of visits.

​What type of colors does the booth produce? The booth prints color or black and white photos, or sepia. Your choice! 

Is someone from your company there during the event? Yes. Included in the rental is an on-site concierge who will be there for the event to make sure everything runs perfectly. 

Are there special power requirements to run the booth? No. We simply need access to one standard outlet within 20 ft of the booth. 

​Are the photos printed right on the spot? Yes. The photos print out on our professional high speed printer in seconds for your guests' immediate enjoyment.

Why would I use an idle hour?Some clients prefer to close the photobooth during dinner or for other purposes. We can keep the booth up for that time at a lower rate.

Why do people get a scrapbook?With this option you are guaranteed to have a wonderful keepsake of your event. Here's how it works! Guests will be given double prints of all photos. They can place one strip in the scrapbook and write a personal message next to it, and they keep the other! With the scrapbook pens are included. The client must provide a table and ensure appropriate space. 

​Can I get copies of all the photos after the event is over? Yes. All pics are posted online, unless specified. How is the tax calculated on the rental? The tax is based on the original price of the package, not the discounted rate.For more information about our services and for unique wedding photo ideas, call us today.

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